Ketogenic Diet Workshop for weight management and cognitive health

Date: Sunday 10th March
Time: 10:00 am
Presenter: Jan Purser N.D

In this workshop facilitated by Jan Purser, you will learn how to follow a “clean” version of the ketogenic diet and how to tailor the diet to suit your own weight goals and body type. Jan will discuss which genes influence how your body manages fats and carbohydrates and why this type of diet may be the key to successful longterm weight management and vitality.

Many people with weight issues have what is termed metabolic syndrome which includes insulin resistance, cardiovascular issues, plus a higher risk of cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s. Jan has been prescribing her version of the keto diet for many of these patients to switch off metabolic syndrome, lose weight and improve cognitive function with great success.

If you feel hungry even after you have eaten a meal, suffer with a foggy brain and/or memory problems, become very tired in the afternoons, or struggle to keep a healthy weight, this webinar workshop is for you! You will receive a clear plan, comprehensive notes and recipes to help you on your way.

$99.00 – Bookings limited to 20 seats.

Call 9286 1166 or email – to reserve your seat

Held upstairs @ The Wellness Loft – 13 Glyde Street, Mosman Park WA

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