Remède Comprehensive Cognitive Health Program

Remède Comprehensive Cognitive Health Program

Remède’s Comprehensive Cognitive Health Program is designed to assess your cognitive ability and how well your body is functioning. This assessment is ideal for adults who would like to learn what steps they specifically can undertake to prevent changes in their brain from occurring.

Jan Purser has a special interest in helping people reverse mild cognitive impairment and early onset Alzheimer’s disease. She is a certified ReCODE practitioner trained in the Bredesen Protocol. Jan completed practitioner training  in the USA with The Institute of Functional Medicine  and Dr Dale Bredesen from  the Buck Institute and MPI Cognition. Jan presents seminars on this subject to the public and to practitioners.

This assessment is ideal for people who would like to learn what steps they specifically can undertake to prevent cognitive decline and who:

  • have been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
  • have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease
  • have a strong family history of Alzheimer’s
  • have been struggling with their cognitive function and would like to prevent further decline

The focus of the program is to determine your personal physiological drivers of cognitive decline or issues and then to address those drivers through diet, lifestyle and nutritional / herbal medicine. Jan’s approach is using the Bredesen ReCODE Protocol.

​What the Comprehensive Cognitive Health Program involves

Initial Cognitive Health Consultation – during this 1.5 hour comprehensive consultation Jan will complete a full health assessment and discuss your cognitive health concerns. During this appointment she will provide you with information for the online cognitive health assessment, a letter of referral to your own GP or the GP at Remede Wellness for blood tests;  and any functional medicine test kits required.
Initial Cognitive Health Assessment Questionnaire – this is provided in your initial consultation for you to complete and email to Jan before your second consultation.
Comprehensive Blood Testing – a comprehensive panel of blood tests to assess the functional status of your body and to identify any areas of imbalance. These blood tests organised through your GP or the GP at Remede Wellness include: full blood examination, liver function test, kidney function test, full cholesterol and blood lipids test, cardiovascular risk factors test, full thyroid function including reverse T3, blood sugar levels, insulin, HbA1C test, vitamin D, iron studies, hormonal status studies, inflammatory hormones test, zinc, copper, calcium, selenium, magnesium, heavy metals.
APOE Gene Test – this is a blood test that will identify your APOE genes which indicates your potential risk of cognitive health issues.
Comprehensive Gene Test – this gene test, via cheek swab samples or saliva sample, will help Jan determine your risk factors for nutritional deficiencies that may affect vital functions in your body and includes panels to assess methylation, detoxification, mood and cognition, oxidative stress, inflammation, nutrigenomics and more. Using this information Jan can tailor your nutritional needs accordingly.
Cognitive Function Online Assessment – this is a secure online assessment that is very simple to navigate and Jan will provide you with your personal link and information for your assessment that can be completed at home on your computer.
Hair Mineral Analysis Test  to determine if your health may be affected by toxic elements such as heavy metals, and to assess your nutrition status. Jan may collect a hair sample at your first consultation or provide a kit for home collection.
Functional Medicine Tests – depending on your history these tests may include inflammatory markers testing; nasal swab test to check for sinus infection; HLA DQ/DR gene test to determine if you are susceptible to mould exposure; and, biotoxin testing to determine if your immune system is reacting to moulds or biotoxins. Further tests may be suggested depending on your test results always with the aim of determining underlying drivers of your cognitive dysfunction.
Report of Findings and Recommendations Consultation – is conducted 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation. Once the information has been collected from your assessments and tests results received you have two options:

  1. Jan can input the data from your tests into Dale Bredesen’s ReCODE software which will then generate a detailed report which includes your ReCODE Index scores showing your drivers, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and a nutritional and herbal supplement program based on the ReCODE logarithms. There is a fee for ReCODE reports as outlined below.  OR
  2. Jan will prepare a detailed report of findings and your individualised prevention plan. This report will explain your test results, your key drivers and areas of imbalance, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and a nutritional and herbal supplement program based on your specific results.

Progress Review Appointments – initially monthly or six-weekly appointments are recommended so that Jan can review your progress and tweak your program when necessary. Once you are progressing well the review appointments may be further apart.


  • The Initial and Review consultation appointments are paid at the time of the consultations.
  • There is a set fee for the report data entry or report writing.
  • Test costs are paid either to Remede Wellness or the pathology laboratory or gene testing company conducting the tests and this will be discussed at your initial consultation.
  • ReCODE Report fees paid to ReCODE are US$75 per month for a 12-month subscription commitment period. Further reports can be generated within this time. You can read more about Dr Dale Bredesen here. You can read more about the ReCODE Report here (for people not in the USA, the report is called ReVerse). You can sign up for the ReCODE Report subscription here. Please note that one-off ReCODE Reports are not available to people outside of the USA.

For further information about this program, please contact Jan Purser on 08 9286 1166 or email

About Jan Purser
Jan is a Naturopathic Nutritionist who specialises in prevention and reversal of cognitive decline, dementia and early Alzheimer’s disease. Jan is a certified Bredesen ReCODE practitioner having completed additional training with Dr Dale Bredesen and the Institute of Functional Medicine in the USA on reversing cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

After a close family member was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in recent years Jan has seen first hand the devastating effect loss of memory has had on him, his wife, and all his family and friends. As a result Jan researched the latest statistics on the disease and the forecasted statistics. It is not an optimistic picture. Since then Jan has made it her mission to help as many people as possible prevent Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline, as research shows that it is a completely preventable disease.



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