Infrared Therapy Sauna

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In a world that is chaotic and demanding, we also seek to provide you a place of respite, relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation.

Sunlighten Infrared Therapy symbolises the age of an effortless and transformative wellness experience that is to be enjoyed, not endured.

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention of chronic illness to enable people to live healthier lives. Why? Because infrared light has the ability to penetrate our bodies at a cellular level to produce a range of
 health benefits.

To deliver health benefits, infrared saunas need to emit high concentrations of infrared waves that penetrate the body to work at a cellular level. Infrared heats the body directly rather than simply warming the air. Excessive heat is not recommended nor required to deliver health benefits via infrared technology.

What is infrared therapy?

Sunlighten is a patented 3 in 1 infrared technology meaning that it has different wavelengths of infrared light provide different benefits to our bodies. Each infrared light wavelength needs to be delivered at peak wavelengths to derive clinical benefits

Near – cell rejuvenation, skin renewal and wound healing.
Mid – pain relief, muscle recovery, passive cardiovascular workout and weight loss.
Far – increased core body temperature, increased blood circulation, detoxification and reduced blood pressure.

Preset Wellness Programs That you can choose from include:

Pain relief
Anti ageing
Weight loss
Cardiovascular health

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