Preventative Health + Wellness

Preventative Health + Wellness

Why wait until there is a problem to address your health, when there is plenty you can do to take a proactive and preventative approach to your health and help you to age with optimal health and wellness?

Even if you are currently healthy, you can still benefit from a comprehensive health check to make sure there are no early signs of deficiencies, imbalances or poor health. At Remède, our practitioners may recommend testing that looks at signs of internal health and wellbeing related to nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, toxicity, oxidative damage, poor immune function, liver stress and hormonal imbalances – which can all be drivers for various disease states.

Our practitioners will also take a thorough family history which gives them an indication of what genetic pathways and testing may be worthwhile investigating to take a preventative approach to ageing. DNA testing may be recommended so you can find out your genetic blueprint and potential risk factors for your health, therefore enabling you to be proactive in your approach to health and wellness by making individualised dietary and lifestyle changes and taking DNA-specific nutritional medicines to optimise your genetic pathways and prevent disease.

Our Naturopaths and Nutritional Medicine practitioners can also discuss what dietary and lifestyle measures will be beneficial to help improve overall health and wellness dependant on your needs.

If you are interested in finding out how healthy you really are, preventing specific diseases that may be present in your family history, or seeking information on taking a proactive approach to staying healthy, make an appointment with one of our practitioners who will guide you back to optimal wellness!

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