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About Remede


Who are we

“Remède: French spelling for rem·edy (rem′ə dē)
-n: something that cures, relieves or eliminates a condition, disease or disorder; a medicine or therapy which puts an end to disease and restores optimal health”

Remède is a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary wellness medicine practice that provides a balanced and holistic approach to healthcare by bringing together a team of highly qualified practitioners that practice evidence-based natural and complementary medicine, together with integrative and conventional medicine, that focuses on wellness. It is a ‘best of both worlds’ approach, which we call wellness medicine.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team of naturopaths, integrative doctors, counsellors, nutritionists, acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners are unified by a commitment to offer the very best individualised patient care which is grounded by a common goal to address the underlying causes of an individual’s health problems to restore health, prevent disease and enhance optimal life-long wellness.

At Remède, you can find the solutions to your health problems. You have access to a team of practitioners who work together, when necessary, to determine the underlying cause/s of your health issues and who practice truly integrative and preventative medicine. We can help you to feel and look better, by improving your health physically, biochemically and emotionally – to unlock your body’s full potential. Our practitioners can help you to unlearn old habits of poor health and gain knowledge on how to achieve and maintain your body in the best condition possible. Our emphasis is on prevention, education and the use of natural medicine to support the body’s ability to restore health.

Our practitioners utilise a comprehensive range of in-clinic cutting-edge medical technologies, functional and general pathology testing, so patients benefit from the best possible diagnostic services and complementary medicine treatments. We use precise, evidence-based and effective processes to identify, measure and track your health issues and progress, to ensure that you experience optimal health and wellness like never before…naturally.

Your life-long wellness is of primary importance to us and our friendly team can help you find the right practitioner to improve your health and wellness, prevent disease, reduce or eliminate symptoms of existing health conditions and slow down your body’s ageing process. Our aim is to help you to live a well, active and vital life throughout each of life’s ages and stages.

Our in-house naturopathic dispensary stocks a large range of prescription-only pharmaceutical quality natural medicine and our wellness store carries organic skincare, supplements, books, organic superfoods and other products to assist you in your wellness journey.

We treat families, babies, children, athletes, men and women of all ages and with all types of health concerns. We look forward to looking after YOU!

What is wellness medicine

Wellness is a state of complete and optimal health – physically, mentally and emotionally – not just the absence of disease. Optimal wellness is a continuum which changes throughout each of life’s stages, but is unified by the premise of continually striving to help the body achieve balance and have vitality to allow you to achieve everything that you want to do at work, rest and play. It is all about feeling great…all of the time!

Wellness medicine practitioners work with their patients to help them achieve optimal wellness, using lifestyle prescriptions, natural medicines and other holistic treatment approaches that complement the body’s natural processes and promote long-term health through a focus on an individual’s needs, not just the disease or health issue.

Wellness medicine looks at the whole of a person’s wellbeing and seeks to identify the cause of a condition rather than just treating a specific symptom or symptoms. At Remède, we take the time to understand all of the issues that might be contributing to your health problems, including physical factors, your lifestyle – including diet, exercise, sleep patterns, stress and emotional factors, as well as your environment and relationships – all of which contribute to your overall health status. These factors influence the very intricate systems of regulation in the body to govern overall body function and balance. Sometimes, if the body is under stress, or it is not getting optimal nutrition or is overloaded, these systems need support and enhancement to help restore healthy function.
This is where wellness medicine works best – to get you back to your best!

Wellness medicine is sometimes referred to as complementary or allied health services, because almost all wellness medicine modalities can be safely combined with Western medical treatment. Indeed, sometimes natural medicines can help to “mitigate the damage” of conventional medical treatments, such as enhancing recovery and repair after surgery, requiring lower doses of medications or helping to reduce the side-effects of some drug treatments such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy. Whether you are under the care of your GP, a Specialist or other health professional, your Remède practitioner is happy to work together with your health care providers to ensure that your care is the priority.

At Remède, we are committed to helping you live a healthier, happier and more balanced life, by achieving optimal wellness and vitality.

A team-based approach to your care

At Remède, we have hand-picked a dedicated team of practitioners, who will be able to provide you with the best range of holistic treatment options to meet your individual needs. You may use one or several different therapies that we have on offer, depending on your needs, which may change over time.

Our team-based approach means that if you require the care of more than one practitioner, your practitioners will liaise and work together for you, to ensure unified and optimal care. Your practitioners will meet together to discuss your case and they will even involve the expert opinions of other practitioners in the team if required for complex issues, at our weekly “case conferencing” practitioner meeting. To ensure all of your health professionals are continually in the loop, we keep one file per patient (with the exception of psychology patients who have their own separate file). This means that all of the practitioner’s notes, patient results and reports are available for consideration in each consultation by each practitioner – to ensure true teamwork for your care.

Of course, your confidentiality is extremely important to us and we will only discuss your case with other members of the practitioner team with your consent.

At Remède, you have the benefit of a team of practitioners who are passionate about what they do, are leaders in their fields, who are well researched and are committed to your care, as you are their primary priority.

Why choose wellness medicine

There are many reasons that Australians are increasingly choosing wellness medicine, some of the most common include:

1. You want to make informed decisions about your health

Wellness medicine naturopaths, integrative doctors and other holistic practitioners do not just provide a second opinion or treatment option – they generally will have a completely different philosophy in regards to health and a different set of therapeutic methods. The typical patient of wellness medicine is knowledgeable about health and wants to understand the complexities of their condition and partner with their practitioner to restore optimal health.

2. Wellness medicine practitioners treat you as a person, not a disease

Conventional medicine is based mainly on the diagnosis of disease. Once a diagnosis is made, you are generally given the same treatment that everyone else with that disease receives. If it doesn’t work, the “patient has failed the treatment”. One of the core philosophies in wellness medicine is that we treat people, not disease. In addition, the treatment approach for a specific health problem will always be individualised, as every patient manifests disease differently.

3. You prefer to use natural medicines vs pharmaceuticals

Leading a clean and healthy lifestyle can contribute to a long life. Often, natural substances have fewer side effects and can promote long-term health and wellness. Wellness medicine practitioners such as naturopaths, integrative doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners are extensively trained in medical sciences, as well as all aspects of natural therapies – they are the recognised experts in their field.

4. You want to cure the problem, not mask the symptoms

For many chronic diseases, pharmaceuticals only stop or help your symptoms. Once the pharmaceuticals are stopped, the symptoms often reappear and for some the side effects can be undesirable. A wellness medicine practitioner chooses natural, but highly effective medicines and treatments to address the underlying cause of symptoms.

5. You may have uncommon and complex health issues

Our wellness medicine practitioners have a broad understanding of many aspects of holistic medicine and health. Many people with uncommon health issues seek out our naturopaths, integrative doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners when they find that modern medicine is not helping them.

What makes remède unique

Our vision is simple – we believe in integrity above all else. By using an integrative plan for healing, our health services are designed for the individual needs of our patients. We serve patients who are looking for a trusted source for the entire family’s primary natural health care needs.

At Remède, our practitioner team is unified in their approach to your health care. By providing a combination of conventional medicine with ‘results based’ natural medicine, we seek to solve the root cause of your health problem. Many of our patients have exhausted conventional health care opinions and treatments and we offer hope and solutions for a wide range of complex and troubling health issues.

Remède was designed to uphold our belief that a medical practice should feel warm, friendly, and relaxing. Our patients feel at home in our beautifully converted church – “The Citadel”. We have gone through great lengths to avoid the cold, impersonal feel of the common medical practice. Patients are welcomed to our beautiful practice and offered our in-house ‘organic herbal tea of the day’ or filtered water, to enjoy while reading our great collection wellness books in our library or array of magazines – which cater for all interests.

We also especially cater for children, with our dedicated children’s play room with a big glass window, which we call the “kiddie tank” – as mums and dads can see their kids in the playroom from the waiting room while they are playing and kids can see out to their parents! The children’s play room has a range of wooden toys and books to keep little ones occupied, so they can also enjoy their visit to Remède.

We can help

By providing a combination of conventional and alternative medicine, we seek to solve the root cause of your health problems. We are grounded in science and blend it with natural therapies. Many of our patients have exhausted conventional healthcare options – we offer hope and real solutions to a range of chronic health issues.

We listen to you

At Remède, you can expect a thorough and comprehensive approach to your care. We take the time to listen to you, your health history and each of your individual health concerns – to offer you the very best care. We want to know all about you, as well as answer all of your questions and concerns.

Our practitioners look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have.

We give you time

Our initial consultations are usually at least 1-hour, to enable your practitioner to fully assess your health concerns and develop the best assessment and treatment plan for you.
We pride ourselves on accessibility and in addition to your scheduled consultations, we offer same-day consultations for acute needs where possible.

We educate our patients

Our practitioners take the time to educate their patients about their health issues and what you can do improve your long-term wellness. We also offer FREE Wellness Wednesday Seminars, on a range of topics to educate, inform and inspire you on how you can achieve better health and wellness.

Wellness medicine is the medicine of the future

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause of prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison
In light of today’s health care system problems, the future of wellness medicine is looking bright. As the general public becomes more informed about their health and the health care system for which they are paying, they are increasingly making educated choices regarding their health care.

In addition to treating specific health concerns, wellness medicine is about educating individuals about how we live, eat, exercise, work, sleep and think has an enormous impact on our health. There is a recognisable increase in the public’s consciousness of the growing need for healthier living. In contrast to conventional medicine, wellness medicine takes a proactive approach and our practitioners are often see as a patient’s health coach – to help them get onto the right path to long-term wellness. As a result, more people are becoming empowered to take control of their health through prevention and understanding their own body’s needs.

Today, we are in the midst of a healthcare revolution. Wellness medicine is set on redefining what it means to be healthy by maintaining and improving the centuries of knowledge of natural therapies in conjunction with modern scientific research and standards. Health is no longer the artificial masking and suppression of disease – it is about addressing each individuals’ health issues and helping them to achieve their own state of optimal wellness.

We look forward to helping you!

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