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Jane Mangini

B.H.Sc (Nutrition) M.A.N.T.A.
Holistic Clinical Nutritionist

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Qualifications and memberships

Jane is a highly qualified Clinical Nutritionist who is committed to helping people feel their best and live an optimal energetic life.
Holding a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Endeavour College of Natural Health), Jane has also completed training in Arthrometric Body Composition with ISAK and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis training and is a member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapies Association).

Food has always been a passion for Jane having completed an Associate Diploma in Management (Hospitality) and working within the Food Industry. This included her own whole foods catering business, then moving into a career in Sales and Marketing focusing on Business and Management Development with a Diploma of Management, Diploma of Retail and a Certificate iv in Training and Assessment which involved coaching, mentoring and facilitating in habits and lifestyle coaching.

Having always been on a quest for her own optimal health, she has experienced chronic eczema, acne, migraines, and menstrual disorders, inspiring her to formally study Nutrition and Dietetics. Using food and lifestyle interventions to arrive at an individual nutrition and wellness practice formulating her own ‘recipe’ to manage and eliminate these conditions. She combines her extensive experience within the hospitality and food industry and her absolute passion for health to support individuals on a more personal level with their nutrition, health, and wellbeing by educating and empowering them to discover their own ‘recipe’ for optimal health.

Jane is also an advocate for incorporating daily movement and exercise into a healthy lifestyle and enjoys yoga, pilates, walking and weightlifting, encouraging her patients to find an exercise they enjoy, and can incorporate into their life forever.

Areas of Specialty and Approach to Treatment

Jane is invested in helping people use food for healing by supporting and coaching people to set up sound habits, and make healthy food part of their day with lifestyle hacks, easy recipes, and methods for getting organised in the kitchen.
Through her studies, Jane found that no one ‘nutrition plan’ fits all, and this is why her approach to treatment is always individualised, based on her patient’s unique health presentation.

She has a special interest in helping patients with individualised nutrition plans and education including but not limited to food intolerances and allergies, gluten, nut and dairy free diets, metabolic, digestive and heart health issues. Jane uses simple strategies to incorporate these diets into daily lifestyles in the simplest ways with individual food recipes, shopping and dining suggestions and meal preparation ideas making these specific needs manageable but most importantly still enjoyable.

Jane truly encompasses ‘using food as medicine’ and empowers her patients to make achievable dietary changes based on their presenting health concerns. Her treatment strategies support the healing process and encourage long-term, sustainable nutrition habits.

Jane enjoys treating adults, children and families with the following:

• Weight management
• Fatigue and energy deficiency
• Sleep issues
• Digestive disorders
• Healthy aging
• Nutrition for training
• Perimenopause and menopause
• Stress and anxiety
• Food intolerances
• Meal planning

Jane brings empathy, energy and encouragement to her patients while helping them with their health goals. She understands modern life herself with a busy family and loves helping others incorporate healthy meals and healthy habits into their lives. Jane also runs engaging and informative cooking schools and health information sessions.

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