Comprehensive testing

Remède is at the forefront of professional complementary medicine services in Australia and is committed to an evidence-based approach to natural medicine. With our multidisciplinary team of practitioners and comprehensive range of functional and general pathology testing available to our practitioners from leading Australian and international laboratories, you will benefit from the best possible diagnostic services that will assist your practitioner to determine the cause/s of your underlying health issues which will guide effective treatment.

While some tests do require blood sampling, Remède utilises laboratories that have state-of-the-art techniques that enable testing to be done with a number of samples, including saliva, urine, stool and hair which in many circumstances can be collected at home, assisted by clear collection instructions for the patient, which makes the experience easy and pain-free.

In-Clinic Testing

At Remede we offer in-clinic testing including Haematology Screening Test, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Urinary pH testing. These tests allow us to assess patients and get immediate results to help determine an individualised treatment protocol for the patient.

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General Pathology

At Remede we offer a number of General Pathology tests which can include testing blood, urine and stool samples. Your practitioner may order some of these tests to assess your baseline health as well as gain a greater understanding about the underlying cause of your health complaint.  

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Functional Pathology

Functional medicine is individualised medicine that focuses on primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms of chronic illness. Evaluating how organ systems are functioning, rather than looking for a specific disease is the basic principle of functional medicine. At Remede we use a number of Functional Pathology tests...

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