Weight Issues

Weight Issues

Struggling with your weight? Tried all of the “diets” available, but found them to be ineffective?
There are many reasons why people gain weight, and at Remède, we will work with you to help determine the underlying causes of your weight issues.

At you first consultation, a thorough health analysis will be undertaken to establish if factors such as metabolism, thyroid, hormones, lifestyle or emotional issues are contributing causes to your weight gain. Your practitioner will do a bio-impedance analysis, to assess your body composition, including fat mass, muscle mass and fluid and overall cellular health status and they may order relevant pathology tests, if required, such as thyroid function, hormone testing or even a DNA Profile to determine any genetic problems that may be contributing to your weight issues.

Your Remède practitioner will then decide which of the specially formulated Remède weight management programs is suitable for you, including the popular and effective Shake-It Program, a nutrigenomic diet that will suit your genetic blueprint, intermittent fasting such as the Five:Two Diet – all which are individualised to suit your particular health issues and needs.

In addition to teaching you how to eat well to achieve fat loss, your Remède weight-loss practitioner will help you to understand your body, it’s needs and your metabolism. They will teach you how to change your lifestyle, your “mind-set” and your relationship food. You will learn how to eat for wellness, change habits and achieve a healthy weight for life!

Have other diets failed you

Have you tried every diet invented, including depriving and starving yourself, only to find that you gain all the weight back…plus some! The facts are clear: fad diets do not work. They might give you short-term results, but then the weight yo-yo’s back on and you never achieve lasting long-term results. In fact, fad diets just make you feel deprived, miserable, slow your metabolism down further and will cause more weight gain!
At Remède, our experienced practitioners assesses you and your individual health and weight issues, and will prescribe you a dietary plan that is based on your individual needs using real food to get real results.

Could the answers to your weight loss issues be in your genes?

Our genetic makeup is different, which is why everyone’s individual dietary needs are different. The latest research shows that specific genetic variations can have an effect on our metabolism, which can cause easy weight gain. The good news is….if you know what your genetic blueprint is for these genetic issues, you can use specific foods and nutrients to “dull these genes down” and boost your metabolism again! Your genetic blueprint can even determine which exercise is best for you to lose weight!

At Remède, your practitioner coaches you to learn what foods your body needs to boost your metabolism and provide optimal nutrition to achieve your optimal weight, without the need to starve yourself and using an approach that you can easily incorporate into your daily life, to achieve meaningful and long-lasting results.

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