How can a nutritionist help me

Nutritional medicine is the science that assesses the relationship between a person’s diet, nutrient levels and their health. At Remède, our naturopathic nutritionists will look beyond balancing the fats, carbs, protein and calories in your diet. They will discuss your specific dietary and/or health concerns and assess your current eating and lifestyle habits, your overall health and levels of wellness. They will then devise a personalised and prescriptive plan, especially to suit your needs.

In addition to a thorough dietary analysis, our nutritionists will do a number of assessments to see how well your digestive system is working to absorb nutrients and burn energy, to check on your overall level of health and your body composition, so you know how healthy you really are…”on the inside”.

Our holistic nutritionists may also arrange investigations for vitamin and mineral deficiencies using specialist testing and assessments, which may include screening for food allergies and intolerances, toxicity levels, liver function, hormone levels and other factors, to identify if these issues are contributing to your health, weight and nutrition concerns. Your nutritionist may even order a specialised DNA/gene test, to see what nutritional factors are going to help your genes function better and what foods you should eat and/or avoid for long-term health. All of this is backed with good practical advice on what to eat, how much to eat and if you should be taking supplements.

Depending on your needs, our holistic nutritionist may prescribe and coach you through a specialised clinical detoxification or weight loss program devised especially for you, or prescribe an individualised treatment and dietary plan specific for your health concerns and needs…that is realistic and will work.

At Remède, your holistic nutritionist will coach you to learn what foods your body needs to boost your metabolism and provide optimal nutrition to achieve your optimal weight, without the need to starve yourself and using an approach that you can easily incorporate into your daily life, to achieve meaningful and long-lasting results.

Have other diets failed you

Have you tried every diet invented, including depriving and starving yourself, only to find that you gain all the weight back…plus some! The facts are clear: fad diets do not work. They might give you short-term results, but then the weight yo-yo’s back on and you never achieve lasting long-term results. In fact, fad diets just make you feel deprived, miserable, slow your metabolism down further and will cause more weight gain!

At Remède, our experienced clinical nutritionists will assess you and your individual health and weight issues, as well as assess the underlying cause for your weight issues – such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, nutritional deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, stress, bowel and digestion problems – to name a few. Once the underlying health imbalances and dietary issues have been identified, our nutritionist will prescribe you an individualised treatment plan, including a specific dietary and lifestyle prescription, that is based on your individual health needs, and using real food to get real results.

Could the answers to your weight loss and health issues be in your genes

Our genetic makeup is different, which is why everyone’s individual dietary needs are different. The latest research shows that specific genetic variations can have an effect on our metabolism, which can cause easy weight gain. The good news is, if you know what your genetic blueprint is for these genetic issues, you can use specific foods and nutrients to “switch off” your problematic genes and boost your metabolism again! Your genetic blueprint can even determine which exercise is best for you to lose weight! Read more about DNA Nutrigenomic Testing…

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