How To Eat Like A Nutritionist in 10 Easy Steps

Date: Wednesday 3rd May
Time: 7:30 pm
Presenter: Jan Purser

A seminar with Jan Purser – Naturopathic Nutritionist, Food Writer + Author of “The Eat Well Cookbook”

Do you ever feel bewildered about the best foods to eat for good heath? You’re not alone. With the onslaught of information we receive daily it’s easy to become confused. In this seminar Jan Purser shares with you her take on how to eat to maximise good health and wellbeing. This is an informal seminar where Jan will be covering topics such as: are super foods really super; should you eat carbohydrates; is fasting healthy for you; are organic foods all they are supposed to be; how much protein should you eat; are supplements that bene cial; and much more. Come along to learn the 10 easy steps to follow throughout your life so you never feel nutritionally confused again.


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