Understanding Myo Fascia Release

Understanding Myo Fascia Release

Myo Fascia Release is a treatment that our Remedial Massage therapist Holly Jones uses to focus on releasing muscle shortness and tightness.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds and wraps around our muscles, bones, organs, blood vessels amd nerves. It is like our ‘ body stocking’ or ‘wet suit’. When fascia is in a healthy state it is a relaxed and supple web. When it is restricted, it is more ridged and less pliable and can create pulls, tensions , restrictions of movement and pain.

What happens in a Myo Fascia treatment?

Each Myo fascia treatment session is performed directly on the skin using only a small amount of oil. The therapist wil land gently on the skin, sink or ‘hook’ into the soft tissue, contact the first barrier or restricted layer , wait for the clients fascia to release and then move slowly by dragging the fascia to the next barrier. The process starts on the superficial layers of the fascia which helps the therapist to gently release the outer fascia first and then perform deeper work. Myo fascia treatments are performed very slowly allowing the body to release at its own pace. The application of this technique will feel like a compression and stretching of the tissues.

The therapist may also ask the client to engage in small micro movements to help mobilise the particular area being worked on. This will help to free the fascia further and re educate the client as they explore the new movement.

Using this technique Holly aims to look beyond just ‘ chasing the pain’ and help the client to restore their body to its natural state of alignment.


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