Iron Profile

Iron Profile

Adequate iron levels are essential for cellular health, blood health and oxygenation of the body. Anaemia is a condition when the body’s stores of iron (and haemoglobin) have reached a critical level and the body does not have adequate levels to carry out essential body processes such as cellular repair and the transport of oxygen around the body.

Women are at particular risk of anaemia, especially those with heavy periods. Other people at risk are vegetarians or those with inadequate dietary intake of iron containing foods and their cofactors, and people with poor digestive system function which results in compromised absorption of iron from food.

Common symptoms of iron deficiency include tiredness, lowered immune function (recurrent infections) and changes to the menstrual cycle.

Your Remède practitioner is likely to recommend an iron profile if they determine that your presenting symptoms are suggestive of anaemia, or if you have a past history of anaemia or if your dietary intake is inadequate.

An iron profile requires blood testing. Your Remède practitioner will request a full iron studies test and a full blood examination, in addition to other tests if required to make a complete assessment.

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