Updated COVID-19 Action Plan – 28 March 2020

Updated COVID-19 Action Plan – 28 March 2020

We have updated our action plan in line with changing circumstances, to still enable us to continue to offer you high-level support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are here for you…it is now more than ever that we have the expertise to help you to optimise your immune function, enhance your overall wellbeing and help your body and mind to cope with the stress…

Our action plan includes:

  • To help to keep you all safe, help reduce community spread, and protect our immunocompromised and elderly patients, we have changed most of our consultations at Remède to TeleHealth consultations (Phone, Skype, Zoom, Facetime). This ensures that your care with your Remède practitioner is uninterrupted during this COVID-19 crisis and you can stay @ home, while still receiving the very best care from us. Please call Remède reception to make your Telehealth consult: 08 9286 1166
  • Our Counsellor, Alex Field, is still available for clients that need face-to-face appointments, providing that you are not showing any signs of COVID-19 infection; as well as for TeleHealth consultations.
  • For patients experiencing any pain-related issues, our Myotherapist, Raelene Clark is available to help you or your family/friends for 30-minute treatments, providing that you are otherwise well and not showing any signs of COVID-19 infection. 
  • All of our other practitioners, are available for Telehealth Consultations (Phone/Skype/Zoom/Facetime), including:
    • Doctors: Dr Ruth Cullity, Dr Mei Lon Ng, Dr Amanda Montgomery and Dr Talia Steed
    • Naturopathic Medicine Practitioners: Chevonne Clasen, Jan Purser and Chloe Dennison
    • Chinese Medicine Practitioner: Geoff Brothers
    • Psychologist: Daniella Princi
  • Our Dispensary is still open to collect all Prescriptions or Repeat Medicines. Please call ahead to our reception team and order and pay by phone, so that our reception team can have it ready for you to either collect or post out to you (we send orders out every day). You can then either come in briefly to collect (only 1 person at reception at a time please); or better still, park your car in front of our practice or in our driveway and our reception team will run it out to you to prevent the need for you to even leave your car! Now that is service with a smile !!!
  • We are in constant contact with our suppliers to maintain our stocks of pharmaceutical-grade, prescription-only immune supporting and anti-viral medicines, as well as high-quality retail immune enhancing products, to ensure that we have what we need to help keep our patients’ immune-defences in optimal health. We have just had a large new shipment yesterday for both the dispensary and retail area (medicines that don’t require a script)…so we are fully stocked!!

How to Help Your Immune System and Wellbeing During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis:

Your best protection during this crisis is a strong and optimised immune system, together with a high-level of hygiene and social distancing. Our practitioners are the most knowledgeable to support you to maximise your immune system by designing an individual program for you that will address your special needs through diet, nutritional and herbal support. 

We have added extra availability for Acute Immune TELEHEALTH Consultations (via Phone/Skype/Facetime) with our Naturopaths, Holistic Doctors and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, to ensure that we can help as many people as possible at this challenging time. If you would like an Individualised Immune Strategy, or if you have any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors, we can formulate an individualised treatment or prevention plan for you. As experienced and professional practitioners, we want you to receive the right advice and to help you to be able to keep in good health during these worrying times, and without long-term health consequences. These appointments are open to existing or new patients – so please share with your family and friends who need additional immune support.

Our Counsellor, Alex Field, has also added extra availability for TELEHEALTH Counselling Sessions to help you or your family/friends who may be experiencing extra stress and anxiety during this health crisis, or if you are struggling with the social isolation. She is here for you!

We Are Here To Help You:

Our extraordinary team of practitioners are here to help you. We have a range of services that can help to boost your immune system, reduce the impacts of stress and keep you well, including:

  • Naturopathic Medicine Practitioners – Telehealth (phone/skype/Facetime) consultations
  • Holistic Doctors – Telehealth (phone/skype/Facetime) consultations
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine – Telehealth (phone/skype/Facetime)consultations
  • Counsellors and Psychologists – Telehealth (phone/skype/Facetime) consultations
  • Myotherapist: 30-minute pain management/acute treatments available

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