Coeliac Gene Test DQ2/DQ8

Gene (HLA) testing is a useful blood test to assess coeliac disease. Over 99% of people affected by coeliac disease have the HLA DQ2, HLA DQ8, or parts of these genes. Therefore, a negative test for these genes effectively rules out coeliac disease. The gene test on its own cannot diagnose coeliac disease – only 1 in 30 people who have HLA DQ2 or HLA DQ8 will develop coeliac disease.

This gene test is more specific than the coeliac antibodies test which often has a lot of false negatives and require patients to have a high gluten containing diet before testing.
As the gene test is not dependent on gluten intake, it can be used when people have already commenced a gluten free diet.

our practitioners who do this testing:

  • Dr Ruth Cullity
  • Chevonne Clasen
  • Jan Purser
  • Jo Coates
  • Dr Catherine Collins
  • Lauren Reid
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