Microba Insights: Microbiome Testing

Microba Insights: Microbiome Testing

Get a clear picture of your gut microbiome

Your microbiome is the community of organisms living in and on your body. Every person’s microbial community is unique and includes an individualised balance of both desirable and less-beneficial microorganisms. This balance can play a significant role in your overall wellbeing.

Gut bacteria specialists are constantly discovering important new connections between microbiome and general health. Among other things, your gut microbiome can affect your immune system, cardiovascular system and your mental health.

When you understand the unique balance of your gut microbiome, you can take informed steps to maintain or improve the makeup of your microbial community.

Once you have the clear picture of your gut, you can make changes to improve wellbeing

With unique, detailed and easy-to-understand reports—featuring interactive tools, graphs, and animations—you can make positive, informed lifestyle changes with the guidance of your health professional.

Using the latest microbiome research techniques, we develop insights unique to you, so you can make changes through:

  • Diet, even including a shopping list of the foods to eat to improve your microbiome
  • Exercise
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics to help feed the good bacteria

What your microbiome test results will reveal

Using unique metagenomics sequencing methods and the expert analysis of scientists, you will receive a personalised report to show you:

  • A comprehensive list of the bacteria in your gut, and the abundance of each microorganism
  • Clear identification of potentially beneficial or problematic bacteria
  • Easy-to-understand descriptions of your gut microbes
  • The presence of key fungi and parasites
  • Identification of bacteria commonly used as probiotics
  • The overall diversity of your microbiome
  • Your predicted microbiome age
  • The potential for each microbiome to digest carbohydrates, protein, and fat
  • The potential of your microbiome to produce essential vitamins
  • Personalised dietary suggestions to promote healthy microbiome.


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