Supporting Your Immune System

Wednesday 6th April 7:30 pm
Presenters : Lauren Marshall

Do you need help to recover from a virus? Does your Immune System require some extra support? Are you getting sick numerous times per year?

The immune system is a complex system made up of cells, tissues and organs, protecting us from foreign invaders, pathogens and abnormal cell growths. In this Webinar, Lauren will be diving into the depths of our immune system pathophysiology, exploring gut health and its influential impact on immunity, understanding pathogens & providing simple steps to reduce the viral load when exposed to viruses.

There is no better time than now to start supporting your immune system naturally through lifestyle, diet and herbal intervention. Join Lauren in an evening focused on supporting your immune system to help you to recover from infections faster, prevent long- term complications & support your general health and wellbeing.

Free – Please call 9286 1166 to register for the webinar so we can send you the Zoom link

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