Remede 28 Day Detox Program

Presenter: Chloe Dennison and Kacy Mateljan

Want to cleanse, feel lighter and get more energy before the silly season begins? Clinical detoxification can help you kick bad habits and hit the reset button on your health!

Looking to lose weight and feel full of energy this silly season? We are so excited to announce the release of the Remède 28 Day Detox Program – perfect for getting your health back on track this Summer. The festive season can be a time of overindulgence so why not bring some healthy habits into your life to get you feeling great?

What Does it include?

🌿3 x naturopathic consultations to assess your individual needs and to keep you motivated and on track for the best results

🌿Clinically effective 2-phase detoxification supplement program to detox you on all levels 

🌿Weekly infra-red therapy sauna to enhance detoxification and weight loss

🌿3 x cellular health analyses to track your progress and keep you inspired

🌿2 x specialised blood tests to provide insight into your health before and after the program 

🌿Clinical Diet and Lifestyle program including delicious and easy recipes and meal plan inspiration

Cost $795 (valued at $1100)

To find out more or to secure your spot, please call Remede on 9286 1166 or email

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