Childhood Anxiety: When to Worry about the Worry

Wednesday 18th September 10:30 am
Presenters : Alex Field

A greater number of children today are experiencing problematic anxietyin what is sometimes termed as a silent epidemic.  In this workshop Alex will explain what anxiety is and how to recognise it (some symptoms are misinterpreted) in your children.

Alex will also share evidence-based information about the developmental stages of the brain in your child, and how to create a home environment that cultivates the opportunity for a child to learn how to self-regulate.

This workshop will bring you peace of mind through the learning of practical strategies and knowledge; to support both you and your child in the upcoming holidays and the remainder of the school year.

$87 per person

Please call reception on 92861166 to book your spot today.

Wednesday 18th September, 10.30am – 12 noon



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