Julia Chazan ND

Fellow ANTA

Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner Homoeopath
(Registered Nurse)

Qualifications and memberships

Julia is a highly qualified Naturopath with extensive clinical experience in both naturopathic and conventional medicine. She qualified in 1992 from Perth Academy of Natural Therapies with the prestigious award of Dux of Studies. Her initial career in health was as a Registered Nurse in intensive care (Guy’s Hospital, London). She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Molecular Biology) from Glasgow University.

In addition to her clinical practice Julia has lectured at the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies and The Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine. She has conducted corporate lectures and workshops on Naturopathic Stress Management for various Government Departments, Hospitals and businesses in Australia and Scotland. Julia has written a programme for the Green Medicine Institute on Mineral therapy and written articles on health for The West Australian newspaper and Sunday Times Magazine. She has spoken on Radio talk back health segments and has been interviewed for opinion on Channel 7 news in Perth.

She regularly attends professional seminars & conferences nationally to ensure that she keeps up-to-date with emerging research in medicine. Julia is a Fellow of the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) and is registered with all the major health funds and her patients are eligible for private health fund rebates on consultations. Julia has been in full-time practice since she graduated as a Naturopath 24 years ago, running her own successful busy clinic in Subiaco, until she joined Remède in 2009.

Areas of specialty and approach to treatment

Julia’s experience in both medical and natural health, together with her understanding caring manner, help in accurate assessment and treatment of your health concerns. She thoroughly enjoys working with all family members; men, women, children including infants and teenagers. Julia is therefore experienced in treating a wide range of disorders in all ages including:

  • low energy and fatigue including adrenal exhaustion and thyroid disorders
  • hormone and period problems including endometriosis, PMT, PCOS, fibroids and fertility
  • healthy menopause
  • emotional and mood disorders including anxiety, depression and sleep
  • stress management including lifestyle balance and mindfulness
  • healthy ageing including maintaining optimal memory and brain function
  • digestive disorders – bloating, constipation, IBS, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s, diverticulitis, reflux and parasites
  • nutrition including detox, food sensitivities/allergies, coeliac, weight management
  • men’s health including stress, weight issues
  • immune and respiratory problems including repeat infections, auto-immune diseases, asthma and sinus
  • children and infants – colic, reflux, eczema, ear infections, sleep
Approach to Treatment

Julia enjoys working in partnership with her patients – assisting, supporting, motivating and mentoring you to achieve your own best health and well-being. Her focus during consultation is to listen to and understand your health concerns and symptoms. During your consultation Julia will take a detailed account of your symptoms, asking questions about all different areas of health (including diet).

These questions, together with iridology, tongue and nail diagnosis to assess areas of concern, will enable her to develop a comprehensive picture of your health, successfully ascertain and address the cause of your ill health and develop customised treatment. Julia may also request other tests, if required, such as blood tests, stool analysis, salivary hormone testing, and food sensitivity testing.

This thorough approach allows Julia to make an accurate assessment of your health, from which she develops an individual treatment plan to suit you and your needs. This may include prescription-strength natural medicine supplementation (minerals/ vitamins/ herbal medicine) and nutrition and lifestyle counseling.She enjoys educating her patients so you understand your own health, feel informed, encouraged and thus empowered to take an active role in your own health.

Julia’s caring warm nature, together with her unique blend of qualifications and wealth of experience in both natural and conventional medicines, makes her one of Perth’s most sought-after practitioners and an extremely valued member of the Remède team.

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