Dr Talia Steed

M.B.B.S; Grad.Cert. (Counselling) M.A.C.N.E.M

Wellness Medical Doctor

Qualifications and memberships

Dr Talia Steed is a Wellness Medical Doctor who has an extensive background in General Practice, Preventative Medicine, Mental Health and teaching Yoga. She studied Medicine at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and graduated in 2009, initially working in various hospitals in Perth, before working in private practice.

Dr Talia’s interest in mental health led her to complete a Graduate Certificate of Counselling at Murdoch University, in addition to then completing further training in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Yoga. Dr Talia has also undergone further training in the fields of nutritional and integrative medicine, which she incorporates with her medical knowledge to combine a “best of both worlds” approach.

Dr Talia practices as a Wellness Medical Doctor, not as a GP. This means that while her patients do not receive a Medicare rebate for their consultations, the out-of-pocket expense is the same as for other Integrative Doctors at Remede, plus her patients are able to be referred for testing and specialist referral through Medicare. Dr Talia’s consultations are much longer than standard medical practitioner consultations, allowing her to take the time to be thorough and listen to her patients’ issues and fully investigate and treat the underlying cause of her patient’s health concerns.

Areas of specialty and approach to treatment

Working as a Medical Doctor for over 10 years in the fields of General Medicine, Psychiatry and Private Practice in combination with her own personal health journey to wellness, Dr Talia believes that we need to consider more than just the physical domain of our health when attempting to heal ailments of the body, and that taking a truly holistic approach to treating every patient yields the most successful, meaningful and long-term outcomes. She also believes that our health is more than simply the absence of illness and is more broadly about maintaining a state of true vitality and joy in our lives.

Dr Talia’s wellness philosophy is based on the 4 keys to reaching optimal health and wellbeing:

1. Nutrition- what are we putting in our bodies?
2. Movement- what are we doing with our bodies?
3. Beliefs- what are we putting in our minds?
4. Connection- how do we relate with our self and those around us and manage stress?

Dr Talia takes a collaborative and truly patient-centered approach to patient care, where she sees that her work as a doctor is to guide and provide her patient’s with all the options available, whilst helping them develop a greater ability to tune into the right health choices for them. She also believes that by tuning into ourselves rather than the multitude of messages we receive from the outside world, we are better able to understand any underlying mental and emotional factors that may be preventing us from healing the physical health issues we face.

Dr Talia’s specific areas of interest include:

– General women’s health
– Chronic unresolved physical issues or undiagnosed symptoms (e.g: IBS / Fibromyalgia / Migraine / Recurrent Infections)
– Hormonal issues
– Fatigue issues
– Mental health concerns including stress, anxiety, depression and poor self-esteem
– Disordered eating / body-esteem issues
– Intuitive and mindful eating
– Mindfulness and meditation

As a yoga teacher, Dr Talia is also passionate about sharing her knowledge of yoga in practical ways that can be easily incorporated into daily life to benefit health and wellbeing.

Dr Talia’s truly holistic approach to patient care, compassionate nature and extensive experience makes her a valued addition to the Remède practitioner team of practitioners.

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