Annelise Remigio

B.Arts; Dip.Slings Myofascial Training; Certified in Anatomy Trains Structural Bodywork; Certified in Integrative Breathing Therapy, Certified in Anatomy in Motion

Holistic Bodywork Practitioner


Qualifications and memberships

Annelise is a highly qualified Movement Practitioner, Structural Bodywork Therapist and Myofascial Movement Educator, with over 15 years experience in the field. Annelise has a passion for helping her clients access better health by improving breath & movement function.

Annelise was propelled to learn everything she could about the body’s ability to heal itself, while experiencing her own movement dysfunction as a result of sporting injuries. Having recovered from back-surgery at a young age, and then realising the need to correct faulty postural and movement patterns in order to avoid further interventions, she was led to the fields of rehabilitative & performance based physical therapy, biomechanics (joint motion) and fascial research.

As a student, then teacher at Art of Motion School of Contemporary Movement and Anatomy Trains AU & NZ, she developed an in depth understanding of movement and manual therapy application to improve the health of the body’s fascial system – a communication network that transmits force through the body. Prior to becoming a Myofascial Therapist at Remède, Annelise ran her own movement and bodywork practice, which has provided her with a depth of experience that she brings into every consultation.

Areas of specialty and approach to treatment

As a bodywork Therapist, Annelise has a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the body, which allows her effectively treat pain & tension and a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including:

• Back, shoulder, neck & jaw pain
• Joint stiffness & general muscular tension or overuse
• Sporting injuries
• Myofascial & chronic pain
• Plantar fasciitis & foot issues
• Tennis elbow
• Breathing shortness or restriction
• Pregnancy-related musculoskeletal concerns

Annelise conducts a thorough initial postural and functional movement assessment, followed by on-table and seated treatment with the specific soft tissue (myofascial) touch techniques, most indicated to address the underlying cause of a client’s muscular tightness, dysfunction or pain, as discussed with the client.

In addition to myofascial tissue work, treatments can include joint mobilisation, exercise and rehabilitation programs and specific pain management strategies. Annelise also enjoys working with a client’s healthcare team or making referrals when necessary, to provide a holistic approach to treatment with regular re-assessment to ensure optimal results.

Annelise is inspired to empower her clients with postural awareness and tools to enable them to take an active role in improving their movement function and performance, and ultimately to continually improve how they feel in their body.

Annelise’s commitment to providing optimal client care and treatment results, together with her depth of skill and experience, make her a highly valued member of the Remède practitioner team

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