Remède Introductory Cognitive Health Package

Remède’s Introductory Cognitive Health Package is not as in-depth as the Comprehensive Cognitive Health Package and is designed to assess your cognitive ability and how well your body is functioning. This assessment is ideal for adults who would like to learn what steps they specifically can undertake to prevent changes in their brain from occurring.

The package includes consultations, various tests, online assessment and questionnaires that pinpoint areas of your health that can potentially contribute to cognitive impairment and that can be improved upon to protect your greatest asset – your brain.

What the Introductory Cognitive Health Package Includes

  • Initial Cognitive Health Consultation – during this comprehensive consultation our naturopathic nutritionist, Jan Purser, will complete a full health assessment and discuss your cognitive health concerns. She will provide you with information for the online cognitive health assessment, blood test referral and DNA test kit.
  • Initial Cognitive Health Assessment Questionnaire – this is provided in your initial consultation and Jan asks that you complete the questionnaire and email to her before your second consultation.
  • Comprehensive Blood Testing – a comprehensive panel of blood tests to assess the functional status of your body and to identify any areas of imbalance. These blood tests include: full blood examination, liver function test, kidney function test, full cholesterol and blood lipids test, cardiovascular risk factors test, full thyroid function, blood sugar levels, HbA1C test, vitamin D, iron studies, hormonal status studies, inflammatory hormones test, zinc and copper.
  • Cognitive Health Online Assessment – this is a secure online assessment that is very simple to navigate and Jan will provide you with your personal link and information for your assessment that can be completed at home.
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis: this quick but sophisticated assessment measures the health of your cells, including how well you are ageing (your “biological age”), total fat and muscle mass, your toxicity levels, cellular hydration and more. This assessment lets you know what is going on…on the “inside”!
  • Report of Findings Consultation – after all of the information has been collected from your assessments Jan will discuss the results with you at your follow-up “Report of Findings” consultation, 4-6 weeks after the initial consultations and after all the blood tests and cognitive online assessment results have been received. Jan will discuss her recommended strategies to achieve optimal levels of health and wellbeing.

Remède also offers an “Comprehensive Cognitive Health Package” which involves further tests and a comprehensive written report of findings and written prevention plan for those people wanting an in-depth approach to their cognitive health care.

For further information about the Introductory Cognitive Health Package, please contact Jan Purser at Remède on 08 9286 1166 or email


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